the blue bus 

How do you make one of the most iconic vehicles ever made even more iconic? That’s the question that began the story of VeloWagon, Kansas City’s most unique event vehicle ever and the pre-curser to the Velo Garage and Tap House.  The answer (like most great answers) came to us after an evening of bike riding and a few beers. 

What started out as a standard issue, stock 1969 VW bus, was transformed into the first beer bus in KC. Often imitated, never duplicated.

about the velo garage

Velo Garage and Tap House is the result of years of wanderlust remedied by traveling the country in a 1974 VW Westy. With bikes and beer in tow, Kiley and his wife, Alissa, explored the most beautiful hiways and byways of the US and fell in love with the growing number of bike shops fused with beer taps.  

In 2016, after a few years of piloting the concept with his VeloWagon, Kiley made the decision to bring the concept to life with Velo Garage and Tap House. The first bike shop and craft beer bar of it’s kind in the KC metro, Velo Garage and Tap House has helped fuel the growth of bicycling as a community and fostered a love of all things KC.

We LOVE what we do. We hope you love what we do.

Come by to say “Hi”, grab a beer, ride a bike, and make new friends.